Say hello to Scribe - India's torchbearer for hardcore.

When their particular brand of irreverent extreme music landed them the Winner’s title at Independence Rock 2007 in Mumbai; their insatiable hunger for composing, playing and releasing music started taking prominence.

Shortly after their 2006 EP 'Have Hard. Will Core', Scribe released their first full-length album called 'Confect.' following it up with an intensive tour making all sorts of squiggly lines upon the Map of India, and in the process, winning fans outside the map as well!

After having planted their flags across the map with tours spanning Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Shillong, Guwahati,Pune and most recently playing at the prestigious INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL in Norway, Oslo, India's most adamant DIY band have just launched their second album "Mark of Teja" - which won the ‘Best Metal Album’ at the first ever ‘Rolling Stone Metal Awards’ alongwith winning the ‘Best Metal Band’, ‘Best Metal Song (DemonPra)’ and ‘Best Metal Vocalist (Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy)’

In addition to the album, they collaborated with photographer Varun Dutt for their off-beat music video for "Dum Hai To Aage Aah!" from the new album - which showcased DIY B-Boying kids from Dharavi. It has also recently been nationally broadcasted on VH1 India.

Watch the video:



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